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Gq-as1000c toxic gas detector
Product name: Gq-as1000c toxic gas detector
Price: 11550.00 yuan/piece/件
Min. Order:
Delivery time: Delivery within days from the date of payment by the buyer
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Product Details

Due to the different gas detection and detection principle of products, the price is different. Please contact us for specific price at 0451-82766788.

This product is a high-quality toxic gas detector newly developed by our company, which adopts imported sensors, with high detection accuracy and stable performance; The whole machine adopts SIL modular design, with ABS circuit board protection device, strong anti poisoning and anti-interference ability; Full function on-site operation without opening the cover, using magnetic rod adjustment; A set of multi-function relay, output can be adjusted arbitrarily; Using OLED liquid crystal display technology, real-time display of gas concentration.

Technical parameters:

Display mode: OLED liquid crystal display

Detection gas: combustible gas

Detection principle: catalytic combustion

Detection range: 3-100% LEL

Accuracy: ± 2% F.S

Sampling mode: diffusion type

Response time: T90 ≤ 30s

Working voltage: dc16-30v

Working current: < 80mA < 150mA (with sound and light)

Maximum power consumption: 2W 3.6W (with sound and light alarm)

Output signal 1: DC (4 ~ 20) MA

Output signal 2: module plugging mode, standard 485 signal RTU format (optional)

Output signal 3: module plugging mode is adopted to realize bus signal output, which is used with as-2000a controller (optional)

Built in relay: a set of multifunctional contact output (dc30v / 2a), which can be selected as normally open, normally closed, passive, active, low section action or high section action

Alarm setting value: adjustable (factory default 25% LEL, 50% LEL)

Sound intensity: 85dB 1m (sound and light alarm)

Case material: aluminum alloy, surface paint

Connection mode: three wire system (DC 4 ~ 20mA), four wire system (bus output, optional bus conversion module)

Explosion proof electrical interface: M20 * 1.5 (acousto optic interface) 3 / 4 "NPT (f) (electrical interface)

Explosion proof grade: ex D Ⅱ CT6 GB

Explosion proof sound and light alarm: with (optional)

★ IP grade: IP66

Transmission distance: 1.5km (loop line resistance < 20) Ω) Ambient temperature: (- 20 ~ + 50) ℃

Relative humidity: (10-95%) Rh (no condensation)

Pressure range: (86-106) kPa

Weight: 1.3KG