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As-3000 combustible gas alarm controller
Product name: As-3000 combustible gas alarm controller
Price: 4235.00 yuan/piece/件
Min. Order:
Delivery time: Delivery within days from the date of payment by the buyer
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Product Details

Because the number of paths of detectors connected by the product is different, the price is different. Please contact us for specific price at 0451-82766788.

This controller is a highly integrated intelligent instrument with digital technology. The product can be connected to 16 detector at most, and its circuit can be shielded arbitrarily; Industrial LCD LCD, full Chinese display interface, touch screen operation; It has modular structure design, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance; CPU adopts high-grade single chip microcomputer, which has fast running speed and high precision; It has black box function, and can store 1000 data.

technical parameter

Installation mode: wall mounted

Display mode: LCD

Display accuracy: ≤ ± 1%F.S

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm

Control quantity: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 detectors

A) receiving signal: DC (4-20) MA current signal

Fault signal: < 2mA

Alarm setting: low alarm: adjustable (25% of the factory default full range)

High alarm: adjustable (50% of the factory default full scale)

A) power supply circuit: DC 24V ± 10%

Record alarm information: 1000 information can be stored, and the earliest records can be cleared automatically after 1000 full

Communication interface: Standard RS-485

Power supply: automatic switching between main and standby power (standby power is optional)

Main power: AC 187v-242v

Standby power: 9ah/12v, Section 2

Energy consumption: < 45W

Output control: with low and high concentration alarm output contacts (contact capacity: 3a/220vac, 3a/30vdc)

Transmission distance: 1.5km (loop line resistance < 20 Ω) Ambient temperature: (0 ~ +40) ℃

Relative humidity: (10-95%) RH

Pressure range: (86-106) kPa