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As-3100 combustible gas alarm controller
Product name: As-3100 combustible gas alarm controller
Price: 1320.00 yuan/piece/件
Min. Order:
Delivery time: Delivery within days from the date of payment by the buyer
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Product Details

This product is a wall mounted combustible gas alarm controller designed in accordance with national standards and user requirements. It is wall mounted and easy to operate. The product adopts industrial LCD, full Chinese display interface, with column concentration display function; The display value can be zeroed and calibrated; Standard DC (4 ~ 20) MA signal input, universal; The CPU adopts high-grade single-chip microcomputer with high speed and precision; With black box function, it can store 1000 pieces of data.

technical parameter

Installation mode: wall mounted

Display mode: LCD

Measurement range: 0-100% LEL, 0-1000 × 10-6 (full range adjustable), 0-35% Vol (full range adjustable)

Display accuracy: ≤ ± 1%F.S

Alarm mode: sound and light alarm

Control quantity: 1 loop

Receiving signal: DC (4 ~ 20mA) current signal

Fault signal: ≤ 2mA

Alarm setting: low alarm: adjustable (25% of factory default full scale)

High alarm: adjustable (50% of factory default full scale)

Power supply circuit: DC 24 V ± 10%

Record alarm information: 1000 pieces of information can be stored, and the earliest record will be automatically cleared when 1000 pieces are full

Communication interface: Standard RS-485

Power supply: automatic switching between main power and standby power( Standby power (optional)

Main power: AC 187v ~ 242v

Standby power: 1.3ah/12v, 1 Section

Power consumption: < 3W

Output control: with low and high concentration alarm output contact, sound and light alarm output contact and fault alarm output contact (contact capacity: 3A / 220VAC, 3A / 30V).

Transmission distance: 1.5km (loop line resistance < 20) Ω) Ambient temperature: (0 ~ + 40) ℃

Relative humidity: (10-95%) RH

Pressure range: (86-106) kPa