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Gt-as1000k industrial and commercial combustible gas detector
Product name: Gt-as1000k industrial and commercial combustible gas detector
Price: 4950.00 yuan/piece/件
Min. Order:
Delivery time: Delivery within days from the date of payment by the buyer
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Product Details

Gt-as1000k is the latest industrial and commercial combustible gas detector developed by our company, which adopts high-quality sensors, accurate detection and stable performance; The gas concentration is displayed in real time by digital tube display technology; It can be calibrated by infrared remote control, and it is safe to operate; The shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and the quality is guaranteed; It can be equipped with sound and light alarm, waterproof, dust-proof and explosion-proof.

Performance and parameters:

★ display mode: digital tube display

★ detection gas: combustible gas

★ detection principle: catalytic combustion type

★ measurement range: (3-100)%lel

★ accuracy: ± 3% F.S

★ response time: T90 ≤ 30s

★ recovery time: < 60s

★ sampling mode: diffusion type

★ status indication: normal monitoring status: green light is on normally, yellow light and red light are off

Electrical characteristics:

★ working voltage: DC24V ± 15%

★ working current: < 60mA / < 160mA (with sound and light alarm)

★ maximum power consumption: ≤ 1.5W / < 4W (with sound and light alarm)

★ wiring mode: three wire system (4-20mA)

★ calibration mode: infrared remote control

★ alarm setting value: adjustable low alarm: 25% LEL, high alarm: 50% LEL

★ output signal: DC4 ~ 20mA

A set of (0.5a/24vdc) active switch contacts (normally open or normally closed can be set)

A set of passive switch contacts (normally open or normally closed) of (1a/125vac, 2a/30vdc)

Structural properties:

Case material: aluminum alloy, surface paint

★ explosion proof electrical interface: m20x1.5

★ weight: 0.85kg / 1.00kg (with sound and light alarm)


★ IP level: IP65

★ explosion proof grade: Exd Ⅱ C T6 GB

Electrical environment

★ ambient temperature: (-40 ~ +70) ℃

★ relative humidity: (10-95)%rh (no condensation)

★ pressure range: (86-106) kPa

★ transmission distance: 1.5km (loop resistance of transmission wire is less than 20 Ω)